Why Your Next Romantic Getaway Should Be Costa Rica


Lew and I quickly fell in love with the lifestyle in Costa Rica. The slow pace, the sense of community and the feeling of being completely fed by nature puts this beautiful place at the top of my list of favorite trips. Between the adventure, candlelit dining, showers for two, balconies overlooking oceans & forests, the country is definitely for lovebirds. We literally dreamt about moving our entire flight home.

Costa Rica.jpg

The most commonly used phrase In Costa Rica is "Pura vida" which literally means "Pure life". And after a long weekend there I can vouch that the saying goes far beyond its simple translation--it's a way of life!

We flew into San Jose and rented a car for a long weekend. The driving is c r a z y. And apparently I'm not a very calm passenger when I feel nervous so after some convincing my wonderful, patient husband let me drive. We toured San Jose and saw tons of great sights like the national theatre and the new stadium before heading to our hotel for bed. Guys--we old! lol.


The rest of our trip was packed with adventure! We went hiking through the Manuel Antonio National Park and got to see tons of monkeys playing in the forest canopy. We went biking + swimming at all the beaches we could and ATV'd in the rain through the rainforest. SO. MUCH. FUN. We were a muddy mess by the time we went zip-lining, but I didn't even notice until after because I was too busy screaming at the top of my lungs (heights!). What a rush though! It was fun facing fears and "flying" through the trees with my man.


Lew and I came home loving life and have already started planning our next romantic getaway back using anywhere.com 💓 We love using this service because its free & takes all the hassle out of planning while still allowing customization to your trip. If you have a trip coming up, I highly recommend checking out their site. Whether you're a couple that prefers adrenalin-fueled adventuring, high-end pampering, exploring the natural world, or simply relaxing on the beach, you'll return home rejuvenated + loving life! A few of our favorite romantic activities that anywhere.com can set up for you:

1. snorkeling

2. horseback riding

3. hot springs

4. waterfalls

5. ziplining

6. volcano tours 


Do you have a favorite romantic getaway spot you'd recommend? Lew and I are always looking for new adventures!