Summer Hair That Keeps Up With Your Life

Confession: one of the things I love about summer hair is that it’s supposed to look a bit fun mixed with a little bit messy. My fave hot-weather styles take me through a morning of errands with the kids, an afternoon at the pool or beach, and a casual date night with Lew.

I adore a mermaid braid. (Sounds better than fishtail, don’t you think?) And I’ve been playing with asymmetric styles lately. A loose bun or topknot is another favorite - that moment when it twists itself into the perfect shape is soooo satisfying. Accessorizing with a wisp of pattern or a touch of sparkle makes it look like I’ve spent hours in my stylist’s chair... as if I have time for that when school’s out?!

This week’s the perfect time for me to play, though. Publix is running this amazing deal from 6/15-6/28 - they’re giving away $5 gift cards when you spend $15 on participating hair care products. I’m trying to decide between Hair Food shampoo or conditioner (the 10.1 oz. sale price is just $8.00) and Pantene Pro-V 24, which is on sale for just $6.50 for a 25.4 oz bottle of shampoo or conditioner. Sun and water tend to leave my strands parched, so I’ll probably stock up on both!

I’ve definitely learned that expensive isn’t necessarily better when it comes to hair care, and P&G products just get the job done. I love that moment when I take down the style and shake out the waves - even if I’m still perfecting that slo-mo head toss.

And the boys are digging the latest Old Spice line - my youngest loves to “smell just like daddy” and his curls can get dry, too. So I think it’ll be the 2n1 this trip, but the shampoo is on sale too, with the 12 oz. sizes just $4.00. The boys’ bottles last way longer than mine do, of course, which makes now the perfect time to stock up. They’ll be set for the summer!  

So now I just have to decide whether to spend the $5 gift card on jewelled bobby pins or a flowy ribbon. I may just treat myself to both ;)