10 Ways to Prep for a Staycation

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Sometimes "going on vacation" doesn't allow for a tropical resort or hotel. Budget, time, health or season of life are common reasons many of us have had to skip out on traveing. Lew and I love getting away, but some of our most relaxing weekends have been spent at home. Since our move we've been so exhausted and are looking forward to some much needed rest + relaxation. Here are a list of ways we're giving our space a resort feel for a relaxing staycation in this weekend:

1. Clean

Nothing ruins vaca vibes likes a messy place. Cleaning before staycation helps ensure it feels like an actual break. I usually tidy-up the day before so the house is fresh. And don't forget the linen--nothing like a nice, clean bed!   

2. Open the Curtains

Natural light makes me happy. Studies actually show that natural light improves productivity & mood. Open those windows and get you some natural light all staycation long. This weekend we plan on spending some time on our new deck and pool area. Don't forget the sunscreen (click here for our current fave, Erin's Faces--10% off through September 30th using code: BabbleBoxx05) and to turn off your alarm to wake up naturally to the daylight  🌞

3. Candles

We always have candles burning. Partly because a house full of boys can start to smell like a sweaty gym, but mostly because there is something so comforting & romantic about the way they light in a room. 

4. Snacks + Drinks

Lew and I love making our own little snack menu like they have at some of our favorite hotels. His favorite is trail mix, mine is always a few pints of ice cream (no surprise there) 😊. And this weekend we're adding wine from Bodegas Faustino. So good!! 

5. Cute Loungewear

There is nothing quite like slipping into cozy loungewear after a long day of work. This weekend you can find me in my Bali Bra & Bathrobe--both comfortable enough to get tons of naps in. ;)

6. Books

I try to finish an easy read every staycation. Right now I've got plans to start a book called "My Ex Life" which is a novel about two exes that reconnect; different from the kind of books that I usually read but I'm trying to broaden my literary horizons. 

7. Flowers

Treat yourself to fresh flowers or anything that makes you feel good! I'm really into plants right now and have recently purchased Fiddle Leaf Figs, succulents, and all types of ferns. 

8. Movies

We love watching classic movies during a staycation. There are honestly just a few that we rotate; my favorite of these hands down is the Godfather series. 

9. Beauty Treatments

What goes better with a day spent relaxing than some really good beauty treatments?? This weekend I'm trying out the Thickening Hair Mask & Thickening Oil from OMM. My hair has been a little dry from the color so I'm excited to get some ultra-moisture in it. For my skin, I'm using Bellame's Hydrating Moisturizer & Eye Cream. ♡

10. Rest

I remember spending my first staycation taking on projects around the house and catching up on work. Don't make that mistake! Allow yourself real rest and relaxation so you can go into the week feeling recharged and ready to conquer anything life may through at you. I like to put my laptop and phone away to avoid any distractions. 


How do you plan your staycation?

Happy Friday Fam!