Boys' Shared Bedroom

shared toddler room

We knew the day was coming when London and Leo would be sharing a room. And if I'm being completely honest just the thought of it terrified me! From separate sleep schedules to volume control, I had all sorts of valid concerns. Then I realized I was worried about temporary comforts rather than long-term benefits and quickly got over my fears. We're now three weeks in and yes, we've had a few rough nights, but overall the boys are proving this arrangement to be one of the best experiences yet! Here are a few benefits we've encountered so far:

  • It's strengthening their bond

  • It's teaching respect

  • It's building communication

  • It's improving their sharing skills

  • It's teaching compromise

  • It's simplifying bedtime routine + cleanup

  • It's making my mama heart do somersaults :)

What about you? Do your children share a bedroom? What pros and cons have you found? What tips do you have for making it work?



We kept their shared room really simple. Lions + books + cute affordable items from Ikea. We already owned one of the twin beds so we bought another for Leo to sleep in. We pulled in what used to be an outdoor rug at the old house for their room (so practical when it comes to kids & stains) and threw a couple sheepskin rugs on top for fun. With a a couple pillows as well as a picture ledge for books, it's become the sweetest little space that the boys love to play and rest in. I've linked most of the details here: 


Twin Beds

Mattress for Extendable Beds


Step Stool

Lion Pillow

Lion Toy

Picture Ledge for Books

Sheepskin Rugs 

White Picture Frame

Star Projector Light

Lion Banner