Snacking On The Go


It seems like we are always on the go! Errands, track practice, piano practice, more errands, more activities, play dates, gym etc. And wherever we are the boys want a snack. I literally have snacks everywhere. In my purse, in the car, in their backpacks. I even found a pack of gummies in my jean pocket the other day! #momlife

It's no wonder the little boys rarely eat actual meals. It's because they snack all day since we're always out and about. I've been feeling guilty lately about their snacking habits mostly because I want them to eat healthy. Leo is my pickiest eater (and loudest screamer if he doesn't have a snack when he wants one) so it's hard to find something healthy that he'll eat + enjoy.

Today the boys and I went to Walmart and designated Leo our taste tester for better snack-on- the-go options. In the Gerber isle, London chose the Gerber Organic Veggie Crisps for Leo simply because of the packaging. As green is his "very favorite color and Leo will like them". ☺️


And Leo did! He totally surprised me. And when you find something toddlers like AND is healthy you buy all the boxes the store has on the shelf to stock up (our store only had 3 left!). Leo was mad after the first bag was gone, so it's a good thing we bought extra.


Good teamwork guys. Hopefully we can keep this healthy snacking thing up. I always thought I'd be that granola mom that baked all our own bread, grew all our own food and had no television in our home, but by the time Leo came around I'm just thankful to make it to bedtime every night. So shout out to Gerber for making this good parenting thing a little easier on us all! ;) CLICK HERE for the $1 Ibotta Rebate for a limited time.