Long Live Boyhood With Monster Moto


This post is sponsored by Monster Moto, but the thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. 

I was always a little nervous about raising a "big kid". Babies, toddlers and kindergarteners are my thing, but a big kid? What would that even look like? Then I literally blinked and my oldest turned 11. ELEVEN. He stopped laughing at all my lame jokes and holding my hand to cross the street. He cares about the frequency of his hair cuts and likes to pick out his own clothes. He's cool + clever and asks the most thought provoking questions. He helps out around the house without being asked and entertains his brothers. He's becoming the most incredible person I've ever met and showing me I am a "big kid" kind of person after all. 

One of my the most fascinating things I love about this time with Jordan is watching him find his interests and passions. Recently, he's really been into motorcycles and fast cars so I was really excited when we got the opportunity to get a Monster Moto Classic Electric Mini Bike for him! I should've captured his reaction on video when he saw the box delivered to our door. Let's just say it was similar to mine at 18 when my parents surprised me with a new car! Haha! He couldn't wait to hop on it and ride around the neighborhood. 


The bike was even bigger than I expected, but it was very easy to install out of the box. It's well constructed and rugged (Lewis may or may not have driven off on it a few times--and he weighs over 200 pounds!). Jordan took off on it like the pro that he is right away. I thought he'd be back after about 45 minutes, but the bike's battery life lasted even longer than advertised. Jordan is hands down the coolest kid in the neighborhood right now, especially in the eyes of his little brothers. They keep begging me to buy them a Monster Moto Bike too! And not gonna lie, I'm thinking about it after riding the bike myself. But in the meantime I'm enjoying the fun meant for just Jordan, my favorite big kid. 🖤