50 Simple Acts of Kindness for Valentine's Day

This post is sponsored by Ethos Chocolate, but as always all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help make this blog possible.


You may have seen my IG post during the holidays about our 4 gift rule for Christmas—"something you want, something you need, somewhere to go and something to read”. It’s become a tradition that has transformed Christmas to our family forever. The other day, Lew and I began thinking about how we can improve the way we celebrate more holidays in our home. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we started brainstorming ways we could instill love for others into our boys as well as ourselves. From serving others to supporting brands like Ethos Chocolate that make health and sustainability their main focus, here are 50 simple & practical ideas we came up with:

  1. Take Valentine’s cards to nursing home residents

  2. Cook a Valentine’s dinner for a lonely friend or neighbor

  3. Send flowers to a friend

  4. Compliment each other

  5. Say a special prayer for someone

  6. Forward your change or pay for someone behind you in the drive-thru

  7. Hold the door open for someone

  8. Give someone a Valentine’s balloon bouquet

  9. Let someone skip you in line

  10. Take festive treats to your local fire station

  11. Have a Valentine’s themed playdate at your house

  12. Offer to babysit for parents who’d love a date

  13. Facetime your grandparents and tell them you love them

  14. Encourage a friend you love

  15. Send Valentine ecards

  16. Call someone to catch up

  17. Make happy notes with sidewalk chalk

  18. Take baked goods to a teacher

  19. Have a family round of shoulder massages

  20. Invite another family over for Valentine’s dinner

  21. Take cans of food to the local food bank

  22. Donate clothes to a local organization

  23. Introduce someone who just moved here to new friends

  24. Help someone in need

  25. Teach someone something new

  26. Fold clothes for a tired mama

  27. Smile at everyone

  28. Play with animals at a shelter

  29. Make someone else’s bed

  30. Make/buy coffee for someone

  31. Make a loved one breakfast in bed

  32. Give your undivided attention

  33. Tell someone why they are special to you

  34. Record a video message with love and send to friends

  35. Leave a thank you note for your mail carrier

  36. Pick up litter

  37. Read a book to someone

  38. Tell a manager how great your service was

  39. Tell a joke and make someone laugh

  40. Give a hug

  41. Return someone’s cart at the store

  42. Put change in a vending machine

  43. Support a friend’s business

  44. Leave a nice tip

  45. Prepare a relaxing bath for your loved one

  46. Have a heart pizza delivered to someone

  47. Donate to your valentine’s favorite charity

  48. Pick up groceries for someone

  49. Make military valentines packages

  50. Give healthy valentines treats

I read through the ideas with London today and he choose some of his favorites. He’s big on celebrations (no clue where he gets that from 😉) and couldn’t wait “all the way til’ Valentine’s day” to start spreading kindness. So we started putting together the valentine’s treats we’re giving this year called Ethos Chocolate. It’s our way of supporting a more sustainable option for chocolate. Ethos Chocolate uses GMO technology to preserve cocoa beans. Most people (including myself before doing more research) give GMO’s a bad rep—associating only bad chemicals and toxins with it. But GMO’s actually provide a lot of benefits for farmers, including the use of fewer pesticides and a controlled amount in the foods we consume.

The family farmers from A Fresh Look created Ethos Chocolate with a mission to educate moms about the benefits of GMO farming. There are four flavors which they’ve named: The Optimist, The Survivor, The Hero and the Trendsetter. The Optimist is cacao flavored and represents the optimism they have for the protection of cacao trees thanks to GMO’s. The Survivor, a refreshing and subtly sweet tase of papaya + chocolate represents the surviving papaya GMO’s saved after a virus nearly wiped out Hawaii’s Rainbow papaya. The Hero, a orange & chocolate blend represents the hero GMO’s will be once Florida’s oranges are saved from the citrus greening disease. And lastly, the Trendsetter (my personal fave), is an apple blend that represents how GMO farming has paved the way to non-browning apples that stay fresh longer and cut food waste.

Ethos Chocolate is not only good for you, it’s also heart-day approved! So this Valentine’s Day, do yourself a favor and buy the kind of chocolate that makes a difference. ♡ Check them out HERE! There is only a limited supply, so you want to order by February 10th to receive it in time for Valentine’s Day.

What are you sharing this Valentine’s Day? Tell me in the comments below! XO.

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