10 Ways We're Simplifying Life

With 3 kids and crazy work + activity schedules, life can get overwhelming. Lew & I have decided it's time to simplify some things in our life. We've learned that very little is needed to make a happy life and with just a few changes we're already breathing easier:

     1. Single Task, not Multi-task

We've been focusing on handling on one task at a time, doing it well and moving on to the next once that task is complete.

      2. Unsubscribe from unwanted emails

A great app to use is unroll.me! I was able to unsubscribe from so many unwanted emails much more quickly this way.

      3. Simple monthly meals, then repeat.

We made a 30-day list of all our favorite, simple meals. We cook from this calendar then repeat after 30 days. We're saving money and not cooking or grocery shopping as often as we did before!

     4. No overcommitting

I struggled with overcommitting in the past. When possible, we release ourselves from time commitments that are not in line with our greatest values.

     5. Turn off phone notifications

Notifications used to distract me from my tasks. We're able to get so much more done now that we've turned notifications off on all phones and tablets.

     6. Declutter

Our officeused to be a hot mess! We've decluttered all mail, papers and our junk drawer. It's made a huge difference in our productivity when we're sitting at our desks. We've also downsized on clothes, furniture, dishware, towels, toys, literally everything. The less you have the less clutter you have! (and the less dishes you have to wash. and the less laundry you have to fold. I'm certain this is the key to happiness. 😝

     7. Have a nothing day

We still don't have as many as these per month as we'd like, but it's good to have a day planned to do absolutely nothing. On days like these we spend the time together reading, playing and allowing ourselves to just be. Living in the moment and enjoying the simple treasures in life. Sometimes there's nothing better than cuddling in bed together all day :)

     8. Reduce goals

We've reduced the goals we're focusing on at one time. We're hoping that by prioritizing them we'll be able to focus and have a better success rate.

     9. Bedtime routine

We've created a bedtime routine for the entire family that's relaxing and prepares our minds to unwind. Relaxing baths, piano music, lavender oils, stretching and bedtime stories all help us get a good night's rest. And good rest makes for a stress-free home.

     10. Less focus on the future, more on the present

Living in the moment can be difficult. Especially since we live in the age of distraction. But since we've stopped focusing on the next payday, the next vacation, and the next season, we're able to better appreciate what we have in front of us right now. And there is so much to be thankful for.


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