Marietta Square

Dress from HERE + Photos by the talented Kelsey Butcher Photography

I swear it seems like I've been pregnant ever since we moved to Atlanta. Two more kids in the 3.5 years we've been here and I guess I kinda have! 😜 I still use GPS to get to most places I drive to regularly and anytime someone mentions certain neighborhoods I still have NO clue where they are! We've started a little list of places to go and see here now that we no longer have infants in the house 😭 and we are slowly checking them off. One of the places I've always heard friends talk about is Marietta Square.  We went a few weeks ago and have been back three times already. It's sooo cute! The boys are as equally obsessed as I am and here's why:

1. Icecream + Restaurants! (if you know us at all then there is no need to explain, but they have the cutest icecream shop called Sara Jeans Icecream that I love for obvious reasons) ðŸ˜‰ We haven't made it to any of the restaurants yet, but I've heard great things about quite a few of them. 

2. Glover Park. At the center of the square is a park that is perfect for pictures, picnics and playing. The boys really love the train on the playground and Leo can't get enough of the fountain. 

3. Shopping. There are a ton of little shops surrounding the park--antique stores, boutiques and gift shops. And on the weekends from April through November they host a farmers market rain or shine! ðŸ’—

Marietta Square really is a great place for families because there's a little something for everyone! I'm glad we checked it out. Parking wasn't bad for us either although every time we've been was during the week. We were able to grab free two-hour spots near the playground each time. I imagine it's much busier on the weekends, but there are several parking decks that offer free parking. 



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