Botanical Gardens


We ventured out to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens last week to spend time together + see all the gorgeous blooms! If you're ever in the Atlanta area it's definitely worth seeing. I could've stayed there all day. It's like a little fairy garden.


Jordan has been especially interested in plants lately. If you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up his answer will be "a Botanist". After seeing all the fruits and veggies that are growing at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, he wants us to grow a ton in our backyard. I'm excited about ordering our first tower garden from Juice Plus so that we can grow our own fresh food at home. We started taking the vitamins from Juice Plus last year and it helped Jordan against allergy symptoms + kept London from catching anything his first year at school. (ps--they may have also helped Jordan grow a is my nine year -old almost taller than me?!)

Anyway, email Abigail at if you'd like more information about Juice Plus or want to place an order. You can also learn more by visiting her website here. Seriously check it out! London tries to sneak extra vitamins everyday and the protein shakes are the! ☺️

Photos by the very talented Katerina Theodore Photography. Email her at to book!