5 Reasons to Attend Atlanta’s International Auto Show

This post is sponsored by Capital One®, but as always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that we love + help make this blog possible.


Last weekend we were invited to Atlanta’s International Auto Show by Capital One. We’d never attended a car show before and had no clue what to expect. We were excited to try something new with our oldest and ended up having such a fun time together--we even got to hold puppies! Now we’re looking forward to next year’s show and here are five reasons why:

  1. No Pressure to Buy

    That’s right! You can sit in your dream car, try out all sorts of models without having to drive around town and have no commitment to buy. There are well-qualified professionals with each car who are more than happy to answer questions without pressuring a purchase.

  2. Learning Opportunity

    This was the best place to take our 12-year old for a hands on experience in learning even more about the auto industry. You may have read my post HERE where I explained how we’ve been using Capital One Auto Navigator® tool to teach him about financial literacy and responsibility. He’s gained a better understanding of the make and models through using the Auto Navigator tool and got to compare his favorites in person at the show. We also learned about the advancements in technology, financing options and how much we need to obtain my dream vehicle! 😉

  3. Date Day/Night

    The auto show has something for everyone and is an excellent choice for an out-of-the ordinary date idea. It was a great bonding experience for Lewis + I and gave us plenty of new things to talk about. I’m still laughing at some of the vintage cars he was crushing on that I had no idea he’d love! It’s still so exciting learning new things about each other.

  4. Freebies

    Give us all the swag! Our oldest was in heaven from all the free stuff he received--from

    towels, hats, photos, brochures, key chains and free rides, you’ll walk away with more than just knowledge.

  5. Fun

    The auto show brought out the kid in all of us. We’ll never forget the memorable time we had together filled with one-of-a-kind vehicles, great food, entertainment and activities.

    Auto shows are great for those shopping for a new car, but really anyone can benefit from attending. If you are in the market for something new, I highly recommend checking out Capital One’s Auto Navigator tool to become familiar with what’s on the market, get answers to questions, get pre-approval, then find out how you look behind the wheel of your favorite models at Atlanta’s next auto show before heading to the dealership.