How to Show Your Husband Appreciation

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I’m no expert, but I’ve quickly learned in six years of marriage that the best way to make my husband feel loved is through simple, everyday acts of kindness. I used to think what I needed to do was look up at him with adoring eyes and just tell him I loved him. Ha! It worked great when we were dating, but not so great as time went on. He still loves my eyes and my romantic words, but much like me he needs to hear love spoken in a variety of ways. 

So while you’re thinking about what to get your man for Christmas this year, think about giving him the gift of a relationship infused with tokens of appreciation & devotion. Here are some gestures that might be meaningful:

1. Give Your Undivided Attention

It’s so easy to get distracted these days! Put your phone away, turn off the TV and look into his eyes—no multitasking ;)

2. Watch A Game With Him

Even if you don’t understand it. He’ll appreciate the effort.

3. Love Yourself

Yes girl, love you! Men love a confident woman. Take care of and appreciate yourself because chances are if you’re happy, he’s happy. 

4. Make His Favorite Meal

Because we all know one way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! ;)

5. Keep His Confidences

Your friends don’t need to know everything. Amen?? 

6. Be Affectionate

All day, everyday + as much as possible. 

7. Support His Goals

I like to ask what I can do to help my husband reach his goals, big or small. You may have seen we’ve started a new vitamin regimen with Alive! Multivitamins. Lew’s been wanting to be better about taking his Alive! Premium Gummies for men more regularly to help jumpstart his day. I’ve started placing them in plain sight in the mornings to help him out. It’s a small gesture that reminds him I’m listening and I care. 

8. Thank Him Often

Through notes, verbally or physically—and mention specific things you appreciate!


There are a ton of ways to show your partner you care, but here are a few I work on regularly. Sometimes it’s all about being intentional. 

What are ways you like to show appreciation?