1 Hour Coffee Date

Lewis and I have put dating each other at the top of our priority list, and we are committed to sticking to it. Except we don't have time to date. Not conventionally anyway. Weekdays are busy with the boys' schedules and Lew's travel. The weekends are usually unavailable due to games, appointments and a lack of babysitters. But with a little bit of creativity we've been able to get at least 1 date a week and sometimes more.

The first thing we did was changed our definition of the word "date". Dinner and a movie now sometimes looks like a 1-hour coffee date or brunch at a spot down the street from our house. Sometimes it looks like a 2 mile walk around our neighborhood or folding clothes together while we watch our favorite movie. These simple moments of time have connected us in ways we never imagined.  Here are 20 date ideas that don't need much money, time or a sitter:

  1. cook together

  2. movie marathon

  3. bubble bath for two

  4. board games

  5. watch youtube videos

  6. try to break a world record

  7. paint together

  8. download a karaoke app

  9. write out your love story

  10. make fondue

  11. build a slip n slide

  12. play truth or dare

  13. give each other massages

  14. vacation dream & plan

  15. camp out in the living room

  16. have a wine tasting night

  17. make playlists

  18. candlelight dinner

  19. watch the sunrise, then make breakfast together

  20. work out together

Just be creative and make dating a priority. You won't regret it. And neither will your marriage.




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