5 Relationship Habits We're Focused On Right Now


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I recently came across a quote by David Willis that read "always strive to give the best of yourself to your spouse; not what's left over after you have given your best to everyone else." 

Whoa. Anyone else guilty of giving their relationships leftover time + energy?? I definitely am! And Lewis too. Our marriage has been far from perfect, but we're making a better effort to really show up for each other. Here are 5 relationship habits we're focused on right now:

1. Teaching Our Kids

Our boys (2, 4 and 11) are now old enough to understand that mom and dad sometimes need to spend alone time together or hold conversations with each other without interruption. At least once a week the boys go to bed early knowing it's our date night. And we've started having conversations with them about the importance of making our marriage top priority so that we can be better parents to them + husband and wife to each other. We hope to leave behind a legacy God desires through our marriage-- a legacy of love and commitment that one day our children can create in their own relationships. 

2. Calendar It

Plan one day a week or however often your schedule allows to spend quality time together. We rarely have a sitter during weekdays so we usually just enjoy talking to each other over a glass or more of wine. ♥️ 

3. To Do Lists

Our first year together was a really steep learning curve. Through prayer + amazing examples around us we figured out that our marriage is best strengthened by daily repeated actions. We both have our own mental "to-do list" of things we try to get done daily for one another. Simple tasks like doing dishes, making the bed, keeping toilet seats down (and all the ladies say AMEN) + paying the bills on time keep arguments from starting. While making an effort to pray for each other, show affection and communicate throughout the day further demonstrates our love.   

4. Focus

Leave your phone + distractions behind and take up the opportunity to just "be". Give your undivided attention and listen to everything on each other's mind--even the most insignificant thoughts. Lately this has been my favorite communicator of love. 

5. Give

Give grace, give hugs, give laughter, give surprises, give time, give more grace and give more love. Lay it on as thick as you can. Always. 




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