Sweet Details with Andrea Weithers

"Be a real woman. Support, encourage, compliment and cheer on fellow females, both in business and your personal life. And do it all with an inspiring amount of love and grace." -Kara Layne

It was such a pleasure attending my friend Andrea Weithers', owner and cake designer of  Sweet Details, 2018 Collection Launch Event. It was the dreamiest tea party I've ever attended!  Andrea's creations are literally a work of art. You almost hate to eat her desserts because they're so beautiful. But as soon as you take a bite you'll want more--everything tastes as good as it looks! 

I met Andrea last year on Instagram. Her profile looks like something straight off of Pinterest! And is just as addicting! She pays attention to every single detail-- from the frosting to the cake. With her huge selection of flavors and designs, you'll always find what you're looking for. I highly recommend Sweet Details for any wedding, event, party or just to treat yo' self! 

Andrea has inspired me in so many ways. Her generous, hardworking and humble spirit as an entrepreneur + wife + mother is something special. I'm so honored to know her. Congratulations on your newest collection, Andrea! If you're in Atlanta or surrounding areas, definitely get your order in here. 🖤


Special thanks to Andrea's talented husband, Wendell Weithers, for these amazing photos from the event. 


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