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Our 5 Favorite Parks in Atlanta

The boys are nature lovers so we like to visit this park to hike the short trail. It's not too steep so that even Leo can handle it and there's a little waterfall that London loves. There are so many trees here! It's a beautiful, tranquil place that surprised me in all the best ways the first time we visited!

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Atlanta Fair

So I said yes to cotton candy & elephant ears for dinner. And yes to staying out past our bedtime so we could ride in teacups, slide down the biggest slides and bring 2 goldfish home as new pets. Because we never get these days back. And because they will never be this little again. And because I keep asking myself lately if it's hurting anything and when the answer is no then it's an automatic yes from me. Now is now. And that my friends is all that we are promised.

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Zoo Atlanta

I hope everyone had an amazing Fourth of July weekend!!! It's one of my favorite holidays. I don't think you can ever go wrong with some red white and blue color coordinating, good food + sparklers. The Fourth is a good one to celebrate! This year we went to Zoo Atlanta and it was so much fun.

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