Our 5 Favorite Parks in Atlanta


We've been in Atlanta for 4 years now. I think I've mentioned before that I still use GPS to get to every single place outside of our neighborhood. I've spent most of our time living here pregnant, then nursing, then too nervous to venture out with three kids alone in our backyard much less anywhere further. But in the past few months since they've been out of school we've managed to visit a few parks we've fallen in love with. Here are a few of our favorites so far:

  1. Piedmont Park- We love it here! Surrounded by high rises, it kind of feels like Atlanta's much smaller Central Park. We like to park at the Botanical Gardens and walk over to the playground. The boys love all the open fields where they can run around and I love that there are so many shady areas I can watch them from. We do prefer to stay away from this one on the weekends as it can get pretty crowded with all of the events that are always taking place.

  2. Centennial Park- This is the boys' favorite place to have lunch when we're downtown visiting the Children's Museum or Aquarium. It's ideal for visitors as it's located in the middle of The World of Coca Cola, Aquarium, The GWCC and many other attractions within walking distance. It's also a fun place to let the boys run around and play in the fountains. You can rent horse drawn carriages here too! :)

  3. Cascade Springs Nature Preserve- The boys are nature lovers so we like to visit this park to hike the short trail. It's not too steep so that even Leo can handle it and there's a little waterfall that London loves. There are so many trees here! It's a beautiful, tranquil place that surprised me in all the best ways the first time we visited!

  4. Historic Fourth Ward Park- The boys love the splash pad here! It's really close to the beltline and is another favorite of mine to take the boys during the hot summer weekdays when its less crowded.

  5. Whittier Mill Park- Our fifth and favorite park by far--we were there earlier today for a picnic! It's nestled in the sweetest neighborhood and is never crowded. It's been a secret of ours for months and every time we've invited friends to it they've been blown away. Literally the best park ever. It's small but feels so big when you're there. It's a great place to bring your dog, have a picnic, hike the trail, have a photo session or take the kids to play. We've done it all! It's convenient to I-285 and always feels very safe.

And special thanks to Perrier for keeping us hydrated today with their new Watermelon flavor. The boys wouldn't put theirs down. And I may have a few hiding in our fridge for later. ;)  Sooo good! ♥