How I Organize Our Fridge

Yesterday I shared a picture of our fridge on IG and got a ton of messages asking how we keep it so organized. With 5 family members the refrigerator is hands down our most shared space! We have learned that keeping it clean + clutter free maximizes efficiency. Read how!

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Sarah LampleyComment
London & Leo's Lion Den

We knew the day was coming when London and Leo would be sharing a room. And if I'm being completely honest just the thought of it terrified me! We're now three weeks in and yes, we've had a few rough nights, but overall the boys are proving this arrangement to be one of the best experiences yet!

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Closet Turned Library

I remember watching the movie Beauty and the Beast as a little girl and swooning over the incredible library Belle received as a gift. I thought I'd have to live in a huge mansion to have a anything like it in my own house, but with an unused closet turned library all my dreams are coming true! 

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